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Once a tool found only in high-end restaurants, the Sous Vide machine is quickly becoming a choice of savvy home cooks. Let’s see why...


No Stress!

You can confidently buy those special occasion cuts like prime rib or filet mignon and know that you will be able to cook them perfectly every time.


You can greatly improve the quality of the cheaper meat cuts you use on a regular basis.

Juicy & Tender

White meat is easy to dry out when frying or baking. Chicken breasts and pork chops cooked at a lower temperature in the sous vide retain their juices and are guaranteed moist.

Simple Meal Prep

Those expensive egg bites and premade salads with shredded chicken are easy to replicate at home.


The sous vide opens up a world of possibilities for side dishes, canning projects, and desserts.


Once again, you can bring food items to their perfect serving temperature. You can avoid having hot and cold spots and losing moisture from overcooking.

Perfect Desserts

Difficult desserts are my favorite. The finicky custards and cheesecakes will never curdle or crack in the Sous Vide.

These recipes are just the tip of the sous vide iceberg.


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