How to Slice Tri Tip Perfectly

Diana Reis

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My cutting guide shows you the exact right way to cut your tri tip roast for super tender slices.


Cutting Tri Tip

Tri Tip Roast- The tri tip cut is a triangular piece of beef cut from the bottom sirloin. The roasts are lean and range in size from 1.5-3 pounds. They are sometimes called Triangle Roasts, Bottom Sirloin Tip, or California Cut and are great for grilling or oven roasting.

Cook Tri Tip by roasting or grilling. Cover and let rest for 10 minutes to let the juices settle.

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Identify the grain direction. You can do this by turning the roast over and looking at the bottom side where the grain is more defined.

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Step 3

Then, place your knife perpendicular to the grain and slice to the desired thickness. When I serve tri tip as the main dish, I cut ¼ inch slices. You can go thicker to have more steak-like pieces or thinner for tri tip sandwiches.

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You’ll notice that the piece cut with the grain still has the long fibers still intact. The long fibers are stronger and harder to chew. The piece cut against the grain has short, easy to chew fibers. The knife easily cuts through meat doing the hard work for you.

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Oven Roasted Tri Tip Recipe

With minimal effort oven roasting gives you the most juicy, tender tri tip with a crisp outer crust.

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