With Onion Beer Gravy

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Perfectly Sous Vide Sausage with Beer Onion Gravy is the treat you didn’t know you needed. This method delivers the juiciest bratwurst you’ve ever eaten and I’ve punched them up with a rich and creamy gravy to take the flavors home.

Prep Time: 20 Min

– 2.5 Lbs Raw Sausage –2 Cups Beer -1 Yellow Onion – 1/4 Butter – 1/4 Flour – 1 Cup Chicken Broth – 1 Teaspoon Salt – ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper

Cook Time: 8 HOurs


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Seal Sausage, onions, and beer in vacuum bags.

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Step 2

 – Preheat the sous vide – Cook Sausage and onions for 2 hours – Remove from bag and reserve the beer and onions

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Step 3

Brown in hot pan coated in canola oil.

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Step 4

Make the roux. 

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Step 5

let thicken!

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Step 6

Add more beer and chicken broth. Let simmer until gravy is thick and smooth.

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Step 7

– Put the sausage back in with the gravy and serve. 

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Hi! I’m Diana Reis, creator of Delicious by Design. I’m a chef, mom, and all around food-lover. My recipes are simple, use everyday ingredients, and are packed with flavor. I aim to bring you recipes designed to please the whole family, especially the cook.

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